Vintage 1960s Chain Sunglasses on Mannequin

Mod Fashion 1960s

Mod Classic Style Funky Colors

Vintage 1960s sunglasses on mannequin

Unmistakable Vintage Mod

From mini skirts to GoGo boots and anything 1960s creates the magic of fabulous Mod coveted pieces are mostly in museums or private collections but clothing from this era is still plenty available and some even in perfect collect-ability condition.

Purses shoes and accessories in various degrees of use to new old stock pieces that have never been worn but show shelf wear are plentiful today.  Where to find these pieces is easy with use of online resources, what to collect depends on what strikes one's personal interests.

Prices vary and many a bargain can be had via due diligence and persistence making note of vintage sales online checking local thrift stores and letting our inner circle what we are looking for.

Many legacy pieces can be worn today and saved for future generations to enjoy and relish in that small piece of history.

Classy Mod LLC has allocated a collection for Mod fashion that includes jewelry, belts, shoes, handbags and anything related to 1960s fashion.


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