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Why are Vintage Clothes so Expensive?

How do I know how much to pay for vintage?

As a general rule price depends primarily on rarity condition and current fashion style demands.

A business profitability depends on where and how sourcing is done vintage clothing prices will greatly differ depending on where one is shopping for vintage sourced garage sales prices will always be much lower considering that a person having a garage sale to clear space is mostly interested in removing unwanted clothing and pricing accordingly.

What you get from buying from an established business is a researched product in better condition properly packaged and insured when mailed to you and the satisfaction that the merchant will be there should there be any problems with your purchase.

A business owner must price considering the following expenses:

  1. Time sourcing gas and meals
  2. Cost of goods
  3. Time cleaning and costs of cleaning products
  4. Time repairing or having items repaired adding additional expense
  5. Time photographing each item lighting expenses backgrounds and costs of photo Apps
  6. Time maintaining and keeping inventory clean and organized
  7. Storage fees
  8. Time listing if selling online, time labeling if selling on brick and mortar shop
  9. Time maintaining a shop (if brick and mortar after closing time organizing cleaning and putting  things back)
  10. Rents (if brick and mortar) online website fees if both
  11. Advertising fees and marketing products
  12. Time shipping wrapping driving or scheduling pick up of packages
  13. Packaging and shipping supplies
  14. Managing employees or managing website issues with developers
  15. Taxes Payroll and other financial aspects that entails running a business

If you are buying from a garage sale items should be priced lower because the above expenses do not apply if you are buying from a brick and mortar shop or an online vintage shop your prices should always be more expensive to cover the above listed expenses.

 “Nothing Haunt us like the vintage we didn’t buy”

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