Keepers of Treasures!

That's what collectors and vintage aficionados are, we keep and protect beautiful items that otherwise may not survive to tell a story.

As a life-time collector and vintage aficionado I found myself having more items than space! so in the year 2000 we started selling on eBay and got our "feet-wet" selling online, in 2014 we closed our eBay store and moved our inventory to Etsy.

We have been selling on Etsy since 2014 and in 2022 we made the move to establish this website to offer our customers a stable place to find us, currently the independent seller community is experiencing volatile changes from selling platforms and we did not want our costumers to be inconvenienced and unable to find our shop.

Building a reputation as a legitimate business is our primary goal, and only by managing our own website can we achieve that goal. We are now able to offer our customers a safe and stable online shopping environment.

Our business relies heavily in a positive customer experience, and we strive to receive positive feedback for each and every transaction, however we realize that most customers are content to receive what they paid for and usually do not take the time to leave feedback for their purchase and we are satisfied as long as the customer is well served.

To ensure customer satisfaction we follow these rules:

  • Describe items accurately
  • Ship in a timely manner
  • Properly package items
  • Show true images of our products
  • Quick Response to questions/concerns

As of 2024 still have a presence on Etsy with our ClassyMod shop, although after fifteen years with Etsy we no longer add new inventory as of 2022.