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Acme Cowboy Boots

Acme Cowboy Boots

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Collectible Retro Cowboy

Vintage Acme Cowboy Boots pre-owned in good condition, fancy stitching in contrasting color, classic cowboy boots with leather uppers and man made sole. Acme brand footwear, collectible western boots in women's size 4.5 for wide feet.

The best part about buying pre-owned shoes is the immediate comfort and not having to break-in a new pair of boots, these boots are already broken-in and ready to wear the man made sole protects the sole of the boots from wet surfaces. The majority of leather soled shoes suffer damage attributed to walking on wet surfaces.

Product Details

Brand Name: Acme
Item Type: Women's Cowboy Boots
Size: 4.5 D
Condition: Vintage, good
Material: Leather, man made
Color: Brown
Shoe Width: Wide
• Sole length: 8"
• Sole width: 2 3/8"
• Heel: 1 1/4"
• Tall: 11"
• Top circumference: 14"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: SWCB145

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