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BCBG Girly Bohemian Boots

BCBG Girly Bohemian Boots

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Cowgirl All Leather Heeled

BCBG Girly Bohemian Boots in women's size 8, pre-owned with normal wear visible, tan leather with laser-cut details, woven leather accents with orange colored bows, with western boots.

This fabulous boots are in pre-owned condition there is a skin colored patch attached to one boot near the boot pull. (Please view close up image) additionally there is a large smudge on the ankle.

These BCBG Girly Bohemian Boots in tan leather complemented by bright orange bows and a chunky high heel, cowgirls and bohemian lovers will love the styling of these boots.

Product Details

Brand Name: BCBG
Item Type: Women's Boots
Color: Tan, Orange
Condition: Good
• Sole Length: 11.5”
• Sole Width: 3.5”
• Heel: 3.5”
• Top Circumference: 15”
Materials: Leather
Manufacturing Origin: Brazil
SKU Number: SWFB191

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