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Canvas Goth Boots

Canvas Goth Boots

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Vintage Made in Sweden

Canvas Goth Boots in women's size 6.5, fashioned from a sophisticated combination of leather and canvas, these vintage Swedish combat boots provide a comfortable walking experience.

Pre-owned lace-up boots in heavily distressed condition with scratches, scuffs, and visible cracks on the toe area, however these boots are in wearable condition and have that vintage -punk aesthetic, nice funky and unique look enhanced by leather accents.

Effortlessly combine style and comfort with these luxurious vintage combat boots. Distressed wear on these boots add character to these unique collectible Canvas Goth Boots made in Sweden.

Product Details

Brand Name: Illegible
Size: 39 EU
Fits Size: 8.5 US
Color: Black
Condition: Vintage, fair
Materials: Leather/Canvas
• Sole Length: 11"
• Sole Width: 3.5"
• Tall: 16"
• Heel: 1.5"
• Top circumference: 14"
Manufacturing Origin: Sweden
SKU Number: SWFB118

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