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Delfts Blue R-B Bowl

Delfts Blue R-B Bowl

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Collectible Decorative Pottery

Delfts Blue R-B Bowl collectible pottery made in Holland, hand-painted with a ship-themed botanical design and signed R-B. If you are a collector of Delfts Blue pottery you are familiar with the beauty of these hand painted pieces, if you would like to start a collection this piece is an ideal starting piece.

When displayed in a group as a collage the visual is quite impressive, there is something very unique to each detail of hand painted pieces essentially each piece is unique. The Delfts Blue company has been producing pottery for hundreds of years, although most pottery pottery being sold today was made after 1891 according to Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price List 1995 pg 203. This piece is in pre-owned condition with no visible damage.

Product Details

Brand Name: Delfts Blue R-B
Item Type: Bowl
Color: Blue, white
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Pottery
• Tall: 3”
• Top diameter: 6"
• Bottom diameter: 4"
Manufacturing Origin: Holland
SKU Number: CSER145

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