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Embellished Ballerina Shoes

Embellished Ballerina Shoes

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1960s Bejeweled Flats

Embellished Ballerina Shoes in women's size 8, true vintage circa 1960s, heavily adorned flat shoes by Adrienne Originals, featuring faux pearls and rhinestones tastefully affixed in jewelry prong style.

Metallic gold leather upper and leather soles, exuding a fabulous baroque rococo Marie Antoinette aesthetic, pointed-toe flat heel ballerinas, collectible and rare - these pumps are new old stock, never having been worn, and come complete with the original box.

Product Details

Brand Name: Adrienne
Item Type: Flat Heel Shoes
Size: Not found
Estimated Size: 8
Color: Metallic gold
Condition: Vintage, New Old Stock
Materials: Leather
Insole Length: 10"
Sole Length: 10.5"
Sole Width: 3"
Heel: Flat
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: SWFH25

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