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Jack Rogers Heeled Sandals

Jack Rogers Heeled Sandals

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Vintage Color Block  

Jack Rogers Heeled Sandals in women's size 7, pre-owned gently worn condition, ideal summer shoes made with high quality leather and excellent craftsmanship, multi-hued in purple, pink and lilac leather upper and leather sole, an option as weddings footwear mother of the bride or any other special occasion. Crafted in the USA, these classic ankle strap heeled sandals by Jack Rogers are beautiful and collectible.

Product Details

Brand Name: Jack Rogers
Item Type: Heeled Sandals
Size 7
Color: Pink, gray, purple
Condition: Vintage Good
Materials: Leather
• Sole Length: 9.5"
• Sole Width: 3"
• Heel: 2"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: SWSH7

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