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Sand Painting Navajo

Sand Painting Navajo

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Native American Collectible

Sand Painting Navajo a small size visually stunning Native American art work with attached paper legend on back that explains the painting and its meaning. Collectible piece that adds character and visual interest to your southwestern cabin, lodge or any living space that appreciated the beauty of a true art form the symbolizes meaning to a wonderful people the Native Americans.

It matters not if some scuffs and wear are on these fabulous pieces, if you choose to preserve for future generations this visual reminder of the artistic and meaningful art of the Navajo those around you will enjoy a work of art that speaks volumes by just being seen. This beautiful work of art is in pre-owned condition with normal wear visible along with minor scratches and scuffs.

Product Details

Brand Name: Hand Made
Item Type: Wall Decor
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Mixed Media
• Tall: 6"
• Wide: 5 1/4"
• Deep: 1"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: CWAL121

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