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Antique Laced Boots

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1920s Flat Heel

A marvelous piece from the Roaring Twenties, these antique flat-heeled lace-up boots exude a timeless elegance with their original laces and distinguished patina. Irrefutably collectible, they may serve as the perfect foundation for a budding collection or a tasteful accent to a more established one. Boasting an adamant, unlined leather heel, these boots are a connoisseur's dream.

Product Details

Brand Name: Master’s Shoes
Item Type: Boots
Fits Size: 6
Color: Brown
Condition: Antique, good
• Sole: 9 1/4”
• Width: 3 1/8”
• Heel: 1”
Materials: Leather
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: SWFB187

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