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Tall Denim Hippie Boots

Tall Denim Hippie Boots

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Vintage 1980s Splash Brand

These vintage 1980s Tall Denim Hippie Boots in pre-owned condition, upcycled hand-stitched decorative trim, epitomize the hippie fashion. Previously owned but gently worn, size is illegible - though the estimated size 8, chunky block heel, square toe. Crafted by Splash brand and made in the USA, they offer a timelessly chic unique look.

Product Details

Brand Name: Splash
Item Type: Fashion Boots
Size: 8
Color: Denim Blue
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Man made
• Sole Length: 10 1/8"
• Sole Width: 3 3/4"
• Tall: 16.5"
• Heel: 2"
• Top circumference: 15.5"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: SWFB141

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