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Vintage Yellow Heels

Vintage Yellow Heels

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Genuine 1960s Mod Shoes

One-of-a-kind "Twiggy Era" Vintage Yellow Heels crafted by the esteemed Italian brand, Ballin. Fashioned with a unique combination of yellow suede leather upper and metallic silver block heel, additionally the eye-catching silver cylinder adornments are a dramatic modern element to these vintage heels.

These elegant pump shoes are in good pre-owned condition with minor smudges and signs of wear, these timeless shoes are a must-have item for Fashionistas and shoe collectors alike.

Product Details

Brand Name: Ballin
Item Type: Pump Shoes
Size: 6.5
Fits Size 7
Color: Yellow, silver
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Leather
Sole Length: 9.5"
Sole Width: 3"
Heel: 2"
Manufacturing Origin: Italy
SKU Number: SWPU47

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