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Beatles Novelty Necktie

Beatles Novelty Necktie

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1960s Penny Lane Mod Fashion

Vintage Beatles Novelty Necktie commemorates The Beatles 1967 Penny Lane release. It is a colorful and collectible piece, in new old stock never worn condition without tags, made in the USA. This silk necktie is tribute to the iconic music of The Beatles. This vintage silk tie was produced in the 1990s and is in a rare find, in excellent condition, and a must-have for any collector or fashion connoisseur. This colorful silk tie is a collector's item of the popular rock band The Beatles a wearable piece art that adds a touch of luxury to a Fashionista wardrobe.

Product Details

Brand Name: Beatles -
Trademark Apple Corps
Item Type: Necktie
Color: Multi
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: 100% Silk
• Length: 57”
• Widest: 4”
• At most narrow: 1 1/2"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: ACTI101

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