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Art Deco Bracelet

Art Deco Bracelet

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Gold with Red Faux Stones

Women's Art Deco Bracelet Dolsa brand vintage fashion accessory showcases in red molded plastic stones, gold-tone metal, and an economical price tag - an ideal adornment for the fashion-conscious ensembles of any modern Fashionista.

Add a touch of opulence but not the worry of misplacing or incurring a large expense, this practical piece of jewelry is intended to be worn on occasions when you need a matching piece of jewelry for casual affairs the exquisite faux red molded plastic stones and gold-tone metal make this bracelet a perceived luxury at an affordable price. Enhance any outfit with this statement piece.

Product Details

Brand Name: Delsa
Item Type: Bracelet
Color: Gold Tone Metal Red Plastic
Condition: Vintage Good
Materials: Faux stones metal hardware
• 7.5" length not including clasp
• 5/8" Plastic Stones
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: ACCJ136

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