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Aigner 1980s Sandals

Aigner 1980s Sandals

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New Old Stock Never Worn

Iconic Etienne Aigner brand vintage 1980s Aigner Flat Strappy Sandals in women's size 6, classic and elegant collectible vintage shoes, flat heeled oxblood leather sandals in pristine new old stock never worn condition, with a comfortable cushioned sole.

These elegant and classic summer sandals are designed for durability and long lasting value, the epitome of equestrian luxury and life-style these fine leather Aigner Flat Strappy Sandals made with high quality materials and excellent workmanship.

These American-made sandals in new old stock never worn condition are not an easy find, and lucky you here they are, get them before they are gone!

Product Details

Brand Name: Etienne Aigner
Item Type: Women's Sandals
Size: 6-M
Color: Oxblood
Condition: Vintage. New Old Stock
Materials: Leather
• Sole Length: 9 3/8"
• Sole Width: 3.5"
• Heel: Flat
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: SWSA22

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