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Antique Bronze Bookends

Antique Bronze Bookends

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Collectible Marlin Fish

Made in the USA Antique Bronze Bookends in pre-owned good condition without damage or issues, natural patina circa 1920s. Ideal collector's item these bookends are crafted in a mirror image they are practical and collectible.

Pieces of this quality hold their value, there is much skill in creating the details of these pieces that such workmanship is only seen in true 1900s bronze pieces, these bookends are not only a classic and useful decoration, it took a high-level of skill and high quality materials to create these pieces and that alone is a reason to collect and cherish these beautiful pieced that add character to any living space with a nautical aesthetic.

Product Details

Brand Name: un-marked
Item Type: Bookends
Quantity: 2
Condition: Antique, Good
Materials: Bronze
• Tall: 8"
• Wide: 5"
• Deep: 3"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: CFIG114

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