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Embossed Tan Leather Purse

Embossed Tan Leather Purse

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Vintage 1960s Dome Top 

Vintage 1960s Embossed Tan Leather Purse features an Aztec calendar on one side and roses on the other, in pre-owned condition with age-appropriate wear and a clean interior.

Expertly crafted this Embossed Tan Leather Purse is a timeless piece that will add value to your vintage handbags collection. The Aztec calendar design and stunning roses on the other side make this piece an absolute show-stopper a must-have for any collector.

Product Details

Brand Name: Hand Made
Item Type: Handbag
Color: Tan
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Leather
• Tall: 9 1/4"
• Width: 9.5"
• Deep: 4.5"
• Handles: 5.5"
Manufacturing Origin: Mexico
SKU Number: ACBA215

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