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Equestrian Theme Bracelet

Equestrian Theme Bracelet

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Artisan Made Southwestern

Equestrian Theme Bracelet hand-made wood and decoupage, unique artisan handcrafted piece, light weight easy to wear with stretch, just slip on the wrist and be amazed at the uniqueness and nicely designed piece that will draw admiring looks and start conversations.

This Equestrian Theme Bracelet supports the work of horse loving artisans by wearing this piece you let the world know that regular people have awesome ideas and follow-through creating unique art that is cherished for being one of a kind. Enjoy a unique way to express your love for horses with this fun and fashionable piece of jewelry.

Product Details

Brand Name: Hand-Made
Item Type: Bracelet
Color: Tan, black, brown, white
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Decoupage Wood
• Circumference: 6.5"
• Tall: 2"
• Stretch Type
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: ACCJ102

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