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Ralph Lauren Hiking Boots

Ralph Lauren Hiking Boots

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Mid Calf Lace Up Vintage 1990s

Bench made crafted from brown leather, these mid-calf Vintage Ralph Lauren Boots feature a lace-up closure and Vibram soles. Pre-owned in good, clean condition, minor smudges and scuffs are present. New shoelaces and kilt were added, but are not original to the boots. These designer brown leather hiking boots offer an iconic and timeless classic look.

Product Details

Brand Name: Ralph Lauren
Item Type: Fashion Boots
Color: Brown
Size: 10
Fits Size: 9.5
Condition: Vintage, good
• Sole Length: 11 1/2”
• Sole Width: 3 7/8”
• Tall:9.5”
• Heel: 1”
• Top Circumference: 12.5” (adjustable)
Materials: Leather
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: SWFB202

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