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Vintage Checkered Pants

Vintage Checkered Pants

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Colorful Mod Plaid Slacks

Vintage Checkered Pants from the renowned Stroller brand Mod Fashion Collection are composed of acrylic fabric. These 1960s plaid slacks feature a side zipper and are in pre-owned condition, with minor pilling visible in the close-up images - crafted in Japan. Additionally, a second pair of B&W slacks is in new old stock, never worn condition.

Product Details

Brand Name: Stroller
Item Type: Pants
Size: 14
Fits Size: Small
Color: Multi / B&W
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Acrylic
• Waist: 24”
• Hips: 20”
• Length: 40”
Manufacturing Origin: Japan
SKU Number: CWPA102 (orange)
SKU Number: CWPA104 (B&W)

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