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Weavewood Dinner Plates

Weavewood Dinner Plates

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Mid Century Modern

Weavewood Dinner Plates set of four stainless steel plates with walnut wood chargers by Weavewood Inc. Minneapolis, made in the USA. These collectible dinner plates are in pre-owned condition with normal wear visible.

These serving pieces are considered a collector's item because of their rarity and condition being authentic 1950s Mid Century Modern is the main reason, quality and durability are key points in collecting anything.

The timeless sleek design is a desirable feature in these Weavewood Dinner Plates, anyone looking to start a collection, replace missing or broken pieces or add to their collection these pieces are a must have, there are not many available, these plate sets are heavy and weight over one pound each two piece set!

Product Details

Brand Name: Weavewood Inc.
Item Type: Dinner Plates-
with Chargers
Quantity: 4 Sets
Color: Walnut Stainless
Condition: Vintage Good
Materials: Walnut, Stainless
• Dinner plates 8” in diameter
• Wood chargers 9”x 9”
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: CSER121

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