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Arlene La Marca Boots

Arlene La Marca Boots

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Rhinestone Rodeo Horse Motif

Arlene La Marca Boots in women's size 6.5, pre-owned in good condition with normal wear visible there are some discolorations and minor scuffs (please view images), the stunning horse motif done in metal studs is fabulous!

These Arlene La Marca Boots are made with high quality leather materials and excellent workmanship which makes these boots collectible as you will be hard pressed to find another pair exactly like this.

These cowboy-styled boots are what is called "wearable investment" an item that can be worn while it accrues value as long as properly cared for.

Crafted from a luxurious blend of leather and suede and adorned with metallic bronze studs and rhinestone detailing these western ladies boots are classic and always fashionable, ideal for any special day, comfortable low heel and fancy studded horse motif are sure to stir-up conversations.

Product Details

Brand Name: Arlene La Marca
Item Type: Women's Boots
Color: Brown, Bronze
Size: 7
Fits Size: 6.5
Condition: Vintage Fair
• Sole Length: 9.5”
• Sole Width: 2 7/8 ”
• Heel: 1.5”
• Top Circumference: 14”
Materials: Leather
Manufacturing Origin: Italy
SKU Number: SWCB155

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