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Art Nouveau Barkcloth

Art Nouveau Barkcloth

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Antique Curtain Cutter

Made in the USA Art Nouveau Barkcloth curtain cutter in pre-owned condition with normal wear visible is a lovely piece of collectible fabric.  Ideal DIY material for period decor projects or adding glamour to your living space, this fabric would make fabulous throw pillows or cover a small footstool or chair.

Art Nouveau Barkcloth in a romantic plumes and feathers pattern that adorn this antique piece of fabric in a blend of soft muted colors like burgundy, white, gray, gold and green on a teal blue background.

For those looking to save pieces of textile history here is your chance to salvage this unique and long-lasting piece of Barkcloth to give it a new life and enjoy the soft texture and the wonderful design pattern.

Product Details

Brand Name: No Label
Item Type: Curtain Cutter
Color: Multi
Condition: Fair
Materials: Barkcloth
• 92" x 38"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: TCUR131

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