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Novelty Mexican Sandals

Novelty Mexican Sandals

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Vintage 1930s Souvenir

Authentic vintage 1930s Novelty Mexican Sandals hand made Huaraches, collectible Spanish Revival footwear with decorative hand painted details, wood heel, as well as woven leather accents. New old stock condition, never worn, showcases the artisan craftsmanship of early shoe-makers. Insole appears to be dry and peeling in certain areas; please refer to the images.

Product Details

Brand Name: Hand Made
Item Type: Women's Sandals
Size: 6.5
Color: Tan
Condition: Vintage, New Old Stock
Materials: Leather
• Sole Length: 9 3/4"
• Sole Width: 3"
• Heel: 2"
Manufacturing Origin: Mexico
SKU Number: SWSA1

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