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Seagulls Wall Sculpture

Seagulls Wall Sculpture

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Mid Century Modern

Seagulls Wall Sculpture Vintage 1980s this piece is very similar to C. Jere Brass Seagulls Sculpture it is handcrafted made by artisans this unique brass sculpture is specifically made to hang on the wall. Large scale piece is 25" tall and 45" wide and 5" deep. Seagull art is an iconic mid-century modern aesthetic complementary to minimalist living spaces.

This fabulous Brass Seagulls Wall Sculpture piece is pre-owned authentic vintage art work a collector's treasure. The vintage label is illegible, (please see close up images) for more details, the heavy-duty reliable hanging loops ensure a safe display, this collectible work of art add a sophisticated touch to any contemporary domicile.

Product Details

Brand Name: Handcrafted
Item Type: Wall decor
Color: Brass
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Brass
• Length: 45"
• Tall: 25"
• Deep: 5"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: CWAL125

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