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Rene Mancini Brown Pumps

Rene Mancini Brown Pumps

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1990s French Designer

Rene Mancini Brown Pumps in women's size 10, pre-owned condition gently worn, crafted with all leather materials, distinct pointed but squared-off toe. Mid-heel great walking shoes in brown leather with removable elegant shoe adornments that add versatility to make this shoes go from the office to the party!

Are attending a special event after work? No problem these fabulous med-heel heel shoes can take you from work to party by adding the elegant shoe clips, not only will you be comfortable but will look fabulous! These French-made pumps are a timeless classic that will always be in fashion they say high quality never goes out of fashion.

Product Details

Brand Name: Rene Mancini
Item Type: Pump Shoes
Size: 10
Color: Brown
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Leather
• Sole Length: 11 1/8"
• Sole Width: 3"
• Heel: 2"
Manufacturing Origin: France
SKU Number: SWPU32

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