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Vintage Motorcycle Pants

Vintage Motorcycle Pants

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Y2K Pro Moto Gear

Made in the USA Vintage Motorcycle Pants in women's size small, professionally made specifically for motorcycle riding with strategic protective padded patches in thick but soft leather with cooling mesh lining, these moto pants are in good pre-owned condition with minor signs of wear; there are no visible deep scratches or torn areas.

Take your motorcycle rides to the next level with these vintage black leather motorcycle pants. No size found on these pants estimated size small, we have provided measurements to ensure proper fit please view product description.

The protective padded elements on these pants provide both style and safety; the soft leather gives a luxurious feel, while the cooling mesh lining ensures comfort during long rides.

Made in the USA, these pre-owned pants are in good used condition and are sure to make a statement on the road because "they just don't make them like this anymore" Upgrade your riding gear with these premium vintage pants.

Product Details

Brand Name: No label
Item Type: Women's Pants
Size: 8
Color: Black
Condition: Vintage excellent
Materials: Leather
• Waist: 14"
• Thighs: 11 1/4"
• Hips: 19"
• Inseam: 26.5"
• Length: 37"
• Front rise: 11"
• Unzipped leg cuff: 7 3/4"
• Zipped leg cuff: 6"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: CWPA115

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