Q. How often do you ship?

A. Two to three business days days after payment has posted.

For detailed shipping information please view our Shipping Policy.

Q. Will you mark international packages as gifts to help buyers avoid Customs fees?

A. No, we do not circumvent shipping laws

Q. Are prices negotiable?

A. Yes, however, offers below 80% of listed price are not accepted, unless bundling at least two items.  To see bundle offers please click here 

Q. Can you tell me how much my item is worth?

A. No, we are not professional vintage/antiques curators

Q. Do you have Layaway?

A. No however, we do offer Shopify's payment provider option.

Q. Why are clothing sizes in description different than what is marked on the item?

A.  The majority of vintage sizes run smaller than modern sizes. We provide measurements of clothing items to help our customers determine if the item will fit.

Q. I have items to sell, what is your buying process?

A. Please contact us indicate what type of items your are selling, include quantities, condition and your best price offer.