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Aigner Toe Sandals

Aigner Toe Sandals

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Vintage 1990s Iconic

Made in the USA vintage collectible 1990s Etienne Aigner Toe Sandals in women's size 8, pre-owned condition, with normal wear visible. Classic and elegant these sandals can upgrade your casual jeans and skirts to a level of comfort and great looks. Crafted in white leather, these sandals can use a re-color as age-patina has settled on the exposed leather.

the insoles are padded which makes these sandals ideal for casual outings and running errands, leather sandals are much better than plastic sandals in the summer months.  In the expected quality of vintage Etienne Aigner the soles of these sandals are padded and that makes them comfortable.

There are smudges and wear marks on these sandals and could use professional color restoring, these sandals are worth the investment to keep them looking great.

Product Details

Brand Name: Etienne Aigner
Item Type: Women's Shoes
Color: White
Size: 8
Condition: Vintage Good
Materials: Leather
• Sole Length: 10 1/8”
• Sole Width: 3 3/4”
• Heel: Flat
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: SWSA51

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