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Balmain Vintage Curtain

Balmain Vintage Curtain

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Collectible Designer Fabric

Balmain Vintage Curtain panel one single piece available, exquisite burgundy and gold colors with black accents, swags and tassels design pattern, elegant and extravagant this fabulous collectible textiles is ideal as a single panel or as a replacement piece.

The swags and tassels design is luxurious and opulent, perfect as a pillow cover fabric or other DIY home decor projects this vintage Balmain cotton curtain panel is richly hued in red, gold, brown, black and burgundy tones, with baroque and rococo tassels that evoke a luxurious drapery-themed opulence. This textile is made in France is in pre-owned condition and presents normal wear, as noted.

Product Details

Brand Name: Balmain
Item Type: Curtain Panel
Color: Burgundy, multi
Condition: Vintage Good
Materials: Cotton
• Width 32"
• Length 64"
Manufacturing Origin: France
SKU Number: TCUR130

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