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Bottega Veneta Heels

Bottega Veneta Heels

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Vintage Strappy Stilettos

Luxuriously crafted shoes from the esteemed brand Bottega Veneta Heels, these Strappy, multicolored stiletto heels in rose, pink, lime green, brown, and white are pre-owned and exhibit normal wear, charming summer shoes from a collectible designer brand that make these stiletto heels an undeniably exquisite collectible. A noteworthy creation from Italy in size 9 US/ 39 EU, these summer shoes will become a cherished staple for the well dressed.


Product Details

Brand Name: Bottega Veneta
Item Type: Strappy Heels
Size: 9
Color: Brown, Multi
Condition: Vintage, Good
Materials: Leather
• Sole Length: 10 1/4"
• Sole Width: 3.5"
• Heel: 3"
Manufacturing Origin: Italy
SKU Number: SWSH19

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