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Campbell's Novelty Sandals

Campbell's Novelty Sandals

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Vintage 1990s Tomato Soup

Authentic vintage Jeon brand collectible Campbell's Novelty Sandals iconic "Campbell's Tomato Soup" advertising theme in red, white, and gold.

These waterproof sandals are crafted from all man-made materials and are available in size 9.5. Pre-owned condition, gently worn and made in France. These collectible sandals are offered as a collector's item, as the materials may not hold up to daily normal wearing.

Product Details

Brand: Jeon
Item Type: Women's Sandals
Size: 10 M
Fits: 9.5 M
Color: Multi
Condition: Vintage, good
Material: Leather, Man made
• Insole: 10 3/4"
• Width: 3 3/4"
• Heel: 1"
Manufacturing Origin: France
SKU Number: SWSA44

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