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Eagle Zodiac Boots

Eagle Zodiac Boots

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Iconic 1980s Footwear

1980s Eagle Zodiac Boots in women's size 6.5, pre-owned with notable wear, scuffs and discoloration, tall heeled cowboy western style, eagle motif.

These boots are in fair condition and require tender loving care, various scuffs, stains and scratches visible, as well as some loose threading on the top of the interior lining also heel caps require replacement, please view images.

Iconic fashion footwear from the 1980s ideal for the worn-look modeling or as a prop or retail window display, a must-have for the retro style Fashionista and collector alike, made in USA.

Product Details

Brand Name: Zodiac
Item Type: Fashion Boots
Color: Tan
Size: Illegible
Fits Size: 6.5
Condition: Vintage, fair
• Sole Length: 9 1/2”
• Sole Width: 3”
• Tall:17”
• Heel: 3”
• Top Circumference: 15”
Materials: Leather
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: SWFB203

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