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Fleurette of Miami Bag

Fleurette of Miami Bag

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Vintage 1960s Handbag

Fleurette of Miami Bag collectible vintage circa 1960s Dr Bag Style mod fashion with top handle and split-open design.

This purse is made with white vinyl and gold metal hardware; it shows signs of excessive wear, making it a great restoration project.

Add this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind handbag to your collection. Its Dr Bag Style true mod fashion showcasing wear and tear of its journey through time, embracing its timeless allure a must have for Fashionistas and collectors alike.

Product Details

Brand: Name Fleurette Miami
Item Type: Handbag
Color: White, gold trim
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Man Made
• Tall: 6"
• Tall: 8"
• Deep: 5"
• Top Handle: 3.5"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: ACBA106

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