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Frye Burgundy Boots

Frye Burgundy Boots

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1980s Vintage Campus

Vintage Frye Campus Boots in women's size 7 pre-owned in good condition with visible signs of wear from the renowned Frye brand known for their excellent leather and un-equaled craftsmanship made in the USA products.

Classic Vintage Frye Campus Boots complementary to any style beloved by the boho-chic lovers, and collected by connoisseurs of quality and good taste.

Vintage 1980s these boots have proven their value and will only continue to increase as this quality and craftsmanship is only found in costly leather goods, aside from being a great value, these boots are ready to break-in need the leather is already broken in and all you have to do is look great wearing them!

Product Details

Brand Name: Frye
Size: 7.5
Fits Size: 7
Color: Brick Red
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Leather
• Sole Length: 10"
• Sole Width: 3 5/8"
• Tall: 13.5"
• Heel: Flat
• Top circumference: 15"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: SWFB120

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