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Joules Tall Rain Boots

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Colorful Botanical Print

Pink floral on navy background, pink back stripes, tall Joules brand, rain/garden waterproof boots, pre-owned excellent condition. These boots are crafted from durable rubber, designed to keep you comfortable and protected in wet outdoor conditions. Perfect for your garden or any outdoor activity, they are sure to keep your feet dry and stylish.

Product Details

Brand Name: Joules
Item Type: Rain boots
Size: 6
Fits: 6.5
Color: Multi
Condition: Excellent
Materials: Man Made
• Sole Length: 9 3/4"
• Sole Width: 3 1/2"
• Tall: 15.5"
• Heel: 1/2"
• Top circumference: 15.5"
Manufacturing Origin: China
SKU Number: SWRA6