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Peony Romantic Silk Blouse

Peony Romantic Silk Blouse

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Elegant 1950s Long Sleeve

Peony Romantic Silk Blouse in women's size small, vintage beige silk blouse laboriously hand crocheted delicate details, collectible 1950s fashion, split sides, silk fabric covered buttons, hand embroidery details.

Pre-owned with a faint smudge on the back (please view images). This unique silk blouse stands out for its quality craftsmanship and classic style suitable to blend with modern fashion, comfortable lightweight breathable fabric that caresses your skin and immediately you feel elegant and poised.

Product Details

Brand Name: Peony
Item Type: Blouse
Size: 36
Fits size: Small
Color: Beige
Condition: Vintage, good
Material: Silk
• Underarm to underarm: 19"
• Length: 24"
• Shoulder to shoulder: 16"
• Sleeve: 22”
Manufacturing Origin: China
SKU Number: CWTO182

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