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Rustic 1930s Lamp

Rustic 1930s Lamp

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Handcrafted Unique Sconce

Rustic 1930s Lamp dated 1937 in pre-owned working condition, the light bulb used to take images is too large and the lamp shade does not sit well, however the light' bulb is not included with purchase, also this lamp has the original wiring from the 1930s which is outdated by modern home electric codes, it is highly recommended to have new wiring installed before using the lamp on a regular basis. The condition is as found, this lamp is in pre-owned as found condition dusty and without damage.

Ideal for a cabin, lodge or southwestern home decor, each piece is handcrafted using bits and pieces and show the simplicity, ingenuity and resourcefulness of people in the past.

Rustic decor is simple and complements the minimalist and Mid Century Modern aesthetics well. Collecting and protecting hand made pieces is our main goal as a business, we appreciate the work and creativity of people in the past and hope to our customers will feel the same when receiving a piece of the past that speaks of their use of resources.

Product Details

Brand Name: Hand-Made
Item Type: Lamp
Style: Wall Sconce
Color: Brown
Condition: Vintage, good
Materials: Wood
• Tall: 4.5”
• Curved width: 5.5”
Lamp Base:
• From wall: 9”
• Tall with shade: 10”
• Base width: 8.5”
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: CLAM134

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