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Silver Pin-up Heels

Silver Pin-up Heels

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Vintage 1950s Pumps Metallic

Vintage 1950s Flirtations brand Silver Pin-up Heels, glitter pump shoes in women's size 7.5 retro funky unique heels collectible footwear all man made materials ideal for your retro wedding/ bridal footwear.

Always trendy classic footwear never goes out of style, these pre-owned high heel pumps were crafted in the USA with high quality materials and excellent workmanship the glitter does not come off on hands or clothing.

These collector shoes are wearable and will increase the value of your vintage shoe collection and make you look great while doing it!

Product Details

Brand Name: Flirtations
Item Type: Pump Shoes
Size: 8
Fits Size: 7.5
Color: Silver
Condition: Vintage Good
Materials: Man Made
• Sole Length: 10 1/8"
• Sole Width: 3"
• Heel: 3"
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: SWPU34

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