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Vintage Fieramosca Booties

Vintage Fieramosca Booties

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Designer Holographic Finish

Effulgent green-golden patent leather ankle boots from Franco Fieramosca, the acclaimed doyen of high-end shoe crafting, used in building eminent U.S. brands like Gucci and Prada. A genuine vintage size 6.5, wearing minimal scuffs and scratches, these retro laces reveal their masterful construction and make a collectible, wearable piece.

Product Details

Brand Name: Illegible
Item Type: Ankle Boots
Size: 7
Fits Size: 6.5
Color: Green
Condition: Vintage good
Materials: Leather
• Sole Length: 9.5"
• Sole Width: 3.5"
• Tall: 4 3/4"
• Heel: 1"
Manufacturing Origin: Italy
SKU Number: SWAB115

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