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Vintage Cactus Lamp

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Funky Western Novelty

This vintage Cholla cactus table lamp is a coveted collector's item, boasting a delightful western aesthetic accentuated by a colorful shade. Its excellent condition exhibits minor discolorations and a buggy whip cord, with minor unraveling - however, if this lamp is intended to be used for everyday lighting, new wiring is recommended to ensure compliance with modern codes for indoor lighting.

Product Details

Brand Name: Hand Made
Item Type: Novelty Lamp
Color: Natural Cholla Cactus Multi Color Shade
Condition: Vintage Excellent
Materials: Cholla cactus man made shade
• Tall: 5"
• Width: 5.5"
• Deep: 4"
• Width: 5.5"
• Deep: 3"
• Tall: 4" tall
Manufacturing Origin: USA
SKU Number: CLAM114