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Vintage Cargo Pants

Vintage Cargo Pants

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Liz Claiborne Vintage 1990s

Vintage Cargo Pants by Liz Claiborne in size small cotton fabric in military green color, classic timeless silhouette circa 1990s. These comfortable casual pants feature a drawstring waist and zipper closure. Authentic vintage pre-owned soft fabric these pants are a rare find and were made in the Philippines.

Product Details

Brand Name: Liz Claiborne
Item Type: Cargo pants
Size: 8
Fits Size: Small
Color: Army green
Condition: Vintage Good
Materials: Cotton
• Waist: 17"
• Hips: 22"
• Inseam: 25"
• Length: 34"
Manufacturing Origin: Philippines
SKU Number: CWPA106

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