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Vintage Givenchy Heels

Vintage Givenchy Heels

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1990s Collectible Designer

Vintage Givenchy Heels in women's size 7.5, pre-owned gently worn, collectible pump shoes circa 1990s with removable shoe clips which are not original to the shoes however they are included with purchase.

These fabulous Givenchy Heels display the famous Givenchy monogram at the back of the heel very classy and elegant these collectible shoes are in wearable condition and represent an investment that will show dividend in admiration from fashion connoisseurs and add value to your vintage shoe collection.

There are visible signs of wear, including minor discoloration, scuffs and scratches, nothing to detract from their collectible value. These shoes exude elegance and sophistication, perfect for the discerning fashion connoisseur.

Product Details

Brand Name: Givenchy
Item Type: Pump Shoes
Size: 8N
Fits Size: 7.5N
Color: Tan
Condition: Vintage Good
Materials: Leather
Insole Length: 10 ¼”
Sole Length: 10 ½”
Sole Width: 2 7/8"
Heel: 3"
Manufacturing Origin: France
SKU Number: SWPU54

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